Client references…

“I understand you personally chose to be on-site with our Thordon client while also hosting several other much larger groups.  Your friends in Toronto cannot thank you enough for all you do for us to make MCI look great.

I am forwarding a note I received from the President of Thordon, Terry who I think sums up how grateful they are.

We also so appreciate the beautiful fragrant gift from Capri and will think of you always.

Big hugs from across the ocean,”

Cynthia Richards – MCi I Canada – Toronto

“It has already been a month since we were in Rome, and yet the memory is still very alive. Your professionalism and your flexibility were highly appreciated. You understood exactly what we needed which made our seminar and trip a memorable one. Needless to say that we are very confident for a future cooperation.

I thank you personally for taking care of us along our stay in Rome.

Saïna Saelens – BCD Meetings & Events

“Thank you for all your hard work before the event, and your recommendations. Last night, the tenors were outstanding. As you know, in our industry we see a lot of entertainment, but their performance was one of the most moving and enjoyable I’ve ever seen. The audience was transfixed; they love it!

Valentina has been a real pleasure to work with; incredibly professional and feisty, but also really friendly. Also Alice, Clarissa and Letitia have been wonderful.

So overall a huge success, and a happy client. Just sad you’re not here for us to celebrate together.”

Matt Wilson – Fuse events