CSR – CHARITY EVENTS – Give something back

CSR – charity events are a fun and creative way to give something back to society. On various occasions we have had clients wanting to make a difference in the world, however little, just to help. DMC Welcome Italy spares no effort to come up with ideal CRS – charity events and activities. Create a playground for a special school, repair and enhance a working area, make a teddy supply for children hospitals, prepare and ship up to 50000.00 meals, plant a tree for every delegate in the event. Welcome Italy, your Italian DMC, will work closely with the local community to deliver something special for those less fortunate to enjoy.

CRS – charity vents should be creative, imaginative, and resourceful just like your local DMC – responsive, reliable, reactive, innovative, trustworthy, inspirational, passionate, successful, flexible, accommodating, financially stable, respectful. Welcome Italy “can tick all of those boxes” and more.

A professional DMC – destination management company knows how to surprise, amaze, manage, inspire, motivate, act promptly, think laterally, act quickly when dealing with the unexpected, anticipate possible issues, find ad hoc solutions. Welcome Italy thinks on its feet and knows how to react accordingly. Your DMC is like a good pilot… the more hours you have flown, the better pilot you are!

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