LAKE COMO – pearl of the northern lakes

Lake Como, the third of the Italian basins, also called “the star with three points”, is made up of three branches, united in a charming central lake, but separated by different styles and cultures; the Colico’s branch is savage and pure; the Lecco’s branch is a natural jewel and the branch of Como is refined and elegant. Welcome Italy operates various programs and events in this magnificent region and each time guests are amazed by the simple beauty of nature.

Lake Como, also nown as the pearl of the northern lakes, is an incomparable habitat and from prehistoric age onward it as been known for its beauty.

After Renaissance Lake Como was the destination of those looking for a corner of “Lost Paradise”. It became the preferred destination of the rich and famous of the era, writers, poets, men of letters and philosophers.

Como preserves all its charm, it is like losing sense of time and space. The mild climate, the wholesome air, the relaxing atmosphere, the magnificent views. All the exclusive landscapes, the water, verdant shores and the valley climbing up to join the mountains paint an unmistakable and unforgettable outline.

Lake Como and its region are a universe of gracefulness, beauty and refinement housing luxurious villas, churches, chapels and monasteries.

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