Milan – the cosmopolitan city where the hard-working Milanese run their busy metropolis with efficiency and aplomb. It is the country’s economic engine room, home to Italy’s stock market and business centres. This stylish city is also the world’s design capital and rivals Paris as a leading fashion centre. Welcome Italy take pride in presenting Milan as a main city venue.

Milan is home of Shopping, whether of the window variety or – for those who can afford it – the real thing is of almost a religious significance but Theatre and cinema flourish in this fashionable milieu, while top international artists always include Milan while on tour. The club scene is hopping. Food is another one of Milan’s joys and the melting pot of Immigrants dish up eclectic cuisines for all tastes.

Milan, though, reveals its long and event-filled history in a pride of monuments, museums, and churches. It sets one of the finest tables in Italy, features art by such towering geniuses as Michelangelo (his final sculpture) and Leonardo da Vinci (Last Supper), and supports a cultural scene that embraces La Scala, fashion shows, and nightlife.

With its dazzling shop windows and sophisticated ways, Milan is a pleasure to get to know — and, despite all that’s been said about the city’s exorbitant prices, you needn’t empty the bank account to do so. Let Welcome Italy show you how the real Milanese live and what this splendid city is really all about.

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