Production Launch – DMC Welcome Italy can make the difference

Product Launch – DMC Welcome Italy is your best partner in Italy when launching a new product and wanting the very best for your Product launch. DMC Welcome Italy will assist in finding the most appropriate venue and region in Italy and will also help with ideas for your Product Launch. Whether it’s a car or an everlasting battery, together with your team, DMC Welcome Italy will find the best options to match your Product Launch brief!

We are proud to say that ” we do many things that we have never done before”…  new ideas, venues, marketing – if we do the same thing over and over, then where’s the creativity or impact of the Product Launch. One team, one vision for your most unique and successful event in Italy. Our testimonials can only secure what we say and as with our already existing clients, our aim is to have longterm client relationships that enable a more rapid and concrete understanding of company values and vision.

DMC Welcome Italy can assist with all aspects of your event. With more than 40 years of experience working with and alongside local swiss suppliers, we can guarantee the best service and quality, we can negotiate for the best rates when budgets need to be refined. Our multi-lingual staff of motivated and passionate people are on call for all of your enquiries, however small or simple they may be. DMC Welcome Swiss will take the time to discuss, question and understand exactly the message that you wish to convey. No two clients are the same and no two events are the same that is why the people working at DMC Welcome Italy take each request as a new adventure, a new challenge and will work with other members of the team to design a project that will offer the best and most energetic in creativity.

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