An idea become a dream came true almost by magic

The client called and presented a first general requirement – find a new location and programme for clients that had « done it all ». Immediately we thought out of the box and came up with an embrio suggestion that turned soon into something unique and exceptional.

The program needed to be short with a great impact so things needed to be condensed.

Toarmina, Sicily was the stage for this event. On landing we had a duo in traditional costumes offering a gift to each couple, transfers were operated by dedicated deluxe limousines.

The CEO met guests at the entrance of the hotel with a professional photographer to immortalize the greeting as a souvenir for all. A sunset cocktail was served on the magnificent terrace where the artists ice carved sculpture with the company logo was unveiled.

Guests were then shuttled to the seaside where traditional Sicilian boats awaited with presecco and delicious italian appetizers which were served during the sea transfer.

The disembarkement was at a magnificent private villa rented for the occasion, as street artists entertained. The dinner was served outside on the lawn, with live cooking, carving stations and animation as prelude to a majestic fireworks display from the beach.

The following morning guests boarded coaches for a simple tour. However, this turned to be something quite different as en route we exchanged the coach for a fleet of dazzling vintage cars for a stunning tour to Siracusa. For lunch, guests made their own Sicilian cannolo !

Scenes of Coppola’s Godfather movie were shot during the Gala dinner held in the same location and naturally the « Godfather » was on site to host the dinner.

The following morning, guests boarded 4 x4 cars for an excursion to the Mount Etna with a few more unexpected enhancements en route. Wine tasting and lunch were organised in a beautiful italian wine estate… and the last part of the event was a helicopter transfer up above and around the Etna before landing at the local airport.

A great programme full of amazing memories that left participants completely awestruck…