For centuries Venice was the mistress of trade between Europe and the Orient and the staunch bulwark of Christendom against the tides of Turkish expansion. Arguably the most beautiful city in the world offering lavishness and fantasy, created more than 1,000 years ago by men who dared defy the sea by erecting their splendid palaces and churches on mud banks in a swampy and treacherous lagoon.

The Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale make-up the delightful landmarks of Venice are an exotic mélange of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles. Sunlight shimmers and silvery mist softens every perspective here, a city renowned in the Renaissance for its artists’ rendering of colour. It is full of secrets, ineffably romantic.

Enjoy a unique experience of Venice where you will see the Venetians going about their daily affairs in vaporetti (water buses), crowded aboard the traghetti (traditional gondola ferries) that play between the banks of the Grand Canal, in the campi (squares), and along the calli (narrow Venetian streets). Venice is the city of Magic!

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