Welcome Italy Team – your event is our event

Welcome Italy Team – Your event is our event!

The Welcome Italy Team are team players that have contributed to the history of our company over the years, key people that work together every day ensuring the sucess and stability of our company. A small yet dedicated and passionate team that focus on your event, first and above all.

It takes time to put together a good team. A team that understands what they do – seems simple but there are many that do a job without any understanding of why they do it!

Through time, the Welcome Italy team have grown together, producing and operating numerous events – product launches, incentives, meetings, theme evenings, teambuilding and more. It may be that the same team member will start the file, produce the file and eventually operate the file or it may be passed from one team member to another – but always there is a communication between team members of all files in process.

We guarantee a full around the clock service on site and 7/7 pre-event.

Whatever it may be, Welcome Italy will do their best to find what’s best for you. We are a dedicated team with our client’s interest at heart. No two clients are the same and we strive for total satisfaction. We listen to our clients and react accordingly. When a program is on the ground, we know how important it is to be contactable around the clock – unexpected changes happen and often very last minute, Welcome Swiss will always be there to help you find solutions.

It takes time to get to know each others way of thinking and working. This is the reason why Welcome Italy believes in building solid relationships with clients rather than just taking each event as a “one-off business opportunity”. We are a company that puts confidence on top of the list because without confidence, we are not a team.

Dino Barile

Managing director


Account manager


Senior account manager


Director of Operations

Elisabetta Spinelli

Operation manager


Account manager

Michèle Tauxe

Director of Operations

Laura Pahud

Accounting assistant