As a professional DMC we look ahead to finding some sort of normality. And when it comes, we will be there, greeting, smiling, planning, organising and delivering amazing bespoke events.

As such, we have put together basic guidelines that we will implement throughout the process and the duration of our events, combining strict health and security regulations with a comfortable, relaxed and confident atmosphere.

Introducing our ‘Welcome Angels’ – teams selected and defined based on the size of the event. They will have the role of sanitising venues and items whilst ensuring our suppliers’ personal sanitisation policy is in place and functioning.

Our Welcome Angels will have first aid skills and equipment; they will ensure that rules are followed and will be attentive at combatting any possible risk of contagion.


As a prerequisite and general rule, all staff, hostesses, coordinators, drivers will wear masks and gloves.

Boarding coaches
Coaches will be sanitised after every single transfer. On each seat we will distribute a “security kit” packaged in an attractive personalised box. This can be printed with logo and positive quotes.

The box can be personalised with a company logo and will contain:
Disposal gloves
Disposal masks
Hand sanitisers
1 x (personalised) water bottle
Individually sealed snacks

Face Masks
Our policy is to use face masks. It is likely face masks will become an important accessory for some time, so why not produce personalised and re-usable masks with a logo and a positive quote? Always keeping those less fortunate in our minds, we will deploy our local workshops for the disabled and less privileged for the production of masks.

Social Distancing
Vehicles will be restricted to half of their usual capacity allowing couples to travel together or singles to their own seat. Boarding and disembarking will be on a one-way system basis.
Vehicle can be hired for the duration of an event so that sanitisation is better managed and cleanliness ensured. This however will decided in collaboration with you, our client, as it will impact the budget.
For travel on smaller vehicles, precautions are similar; we will privilege the use of minivans for 1 to 4 persons maximum.
Drivers will wear masks and gloves and social distance; sanitisation will always be a priority.
Custom partitions are being implemented in most of the vehicles

Maximum 4 persons per table and distance between tables of at least 2 meters and where not possible the venue must implement a plastic or a wooden separation.

For all tours we will have a maximum of 12 persons to each guide; this will limit the use of earphones which are normally compulsory particularly when we visit a museum.

Museums are currently closed and awaiting instruction, however we anticipate that openings will work on limited access, ensuring social distancing whilst waiting in line and throughout the visit.

Visual entertainment will be the solution. A show, a band, a DJ.  Close up magicians and street artists to be avoided

Dancing is allowed with masks only. Dance floors will allow for social distancing.

Bar Drinks
Open bars for long hours will be avoided and the use of disposal plastic glasses will be observed.

Private Group Events
Waiters setting up and serving the tables will be wearing mask and gloves.

Round tables
Will be set for maximum 4 persons but with 8 chairs so that a coat or a bag can be placed (it is likely we will not see a cloakroom for a while).

Rectangular Tables
Reduced capacity to half with special attention to avoid people sitting directly opposite each other.

No Printed Menus
An app or a PDF file sent in advance via email will be available for each guest to pre-order.

Service Staff
Ample sanitizers will be available and gloves and masks will be worn at all times. Where appropriate, we may suggest bio-disposal cutlery