Spring is Coming

Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. (R.H Schuller)

A view of the Dolomiti Val Funes

It was exactly a year ago that I posted a message about spring. No one would have believed that the ‘dark days’ would persist for so long and sadly there are still a few more ahead of us. Yet, if 365 days ago, I indicated, “soon it will be over”, believe me, it was dictated by genuine and innocent hope.
But happily we can now repeat “soon it will be over”, knowing that, this time, it is not innocent hope dictating but solid scientific results. We are, slowly but surely, winning the battle!
And with the new hope becomes strong, new interest. We are all tying our shoes and making our way to the starting block, ready for the race… briefs, brainstorming, proposals, exceeding expectations, bids, wins, operations, and why not… invoicing!
Maybe we forgot about all this for a moment but now the light shines again and the force is back with us – the show must go on! The world of events will be back soon and we will be ready to perform special events together as a team once again.

Welcome Swiss & Welcome Italy will always be there to support and surprise you.

Happy Spring!